Moët & Chandon Launches City-Themed Rosé Bottles

Moët & Chandon Launches City-Themed Rosé Bottles

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10 “iconic” US locations are highlighted with specially designed labels

City Bottles feature a gold crest and emblazed map representing each city.

Moët & Chandon gives fans another reason to celebrate with its new City Bottles, specially designed labels for Moët Nectar Imperial Rosé, “the number one selling rosé Champagne in the U.S.,” according to a release.

Each bottle is meant to “pay homage to ten different US places as iconic as the Champagne itself,” with a gold crest and emblazoned map representing each location.

Ten locations have been selected for the limited-edition bottles, which will be available for the rest of the year. They are New York City, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Texas, Ohio, Washington, D.C., and the Bay Area.

The bottles are available at local retailers and on 1-877-Spirits.com for $69.

If collections are more your style, the company has designed a custom wood case that holds and displays all 10 bottles and features a gold latch and a map of Paris, yours for $750.

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