Dessert of two ingredients in 10 minutes! Fantastic taste!

Dessert of two ingredients in 10 minutes! Fantastic taste!

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  1. condensed milk 1 can (370 gr.)
  2. starch 200 gr.
  • Main ingredients


bowl, silicone spatula, baking paper, knife


1) 200 gr. I combine starch with 1 can of ordinary condensed milk and mix until smooth. It is desirable to take starch corn, it will not be felt in the finished product. Dessert can be varied with coconut, add nuts or dried fruits if desired.

2) I distribute the resulting mass on a baking sheet lined with good quality baking paper, the thinner the layer, the quicker the dessert will be baked and its structure will be crispy and vice versa, the thicker the layer, the softer the dessert will be and baked, respectively, will be a little longer.

3) I make a medium-thick layer (about 25/35 cm in size) and send it to the preheated oven to 180 * C to an average level. Top + bottom mode without convection. As the top turns red, then it’s ready, you can check the readiness with a toothpick. As soon as I get out of the oven, I immediately trim the edges, cut into squares and remove from the parchment, this is necessary, when the dessert cools down, it will be more difficult to make it.

Recipe Tips:

- In this way, you can prepare cookies by spreading the mass with a spoon at a distance from each other or distributing the mass more finely on the entire baking sheet, then cut into 4 parts, there will be cake cakes if you want.