Lemon Cupcake Pie! A lifesaver for any housewife!

Lemon Cupcake Pie! A lifesaver for any housewife!

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  1. 4 eggs
  2. Butter 200 gr.
  3. Sugar 200 gr.
  4. Vanilla sugar 10 gr.
  5. Flour 240 gr.
  6. Baking powder 15 gr.
  7. Lemon 1 pc.
  • Main ingredients


bowl, mixer, baking dish


Mix flour with baking powder.

Beat eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar for 2 minutes.

Then pour in a thin stream of melted, cooled butter, you can add in half odorless vegetable oil and butter.

Add the zest and juice of 1 lemon. Pour flour with baking powder and quickly combine the ingredients at low speeds of the mixer.

Pour the dough into any baking dish (cupcake, glass, split or whole metal, split ring) 24 cm in diameter, greased with butter.

Put in a preheated oven to 170-180 * C and bake in the oven before testing for a dry toothpick. If the top is very brown, you can cover it with foil.

The top of the finished pie can be greased with glaze, mixing in equal proportions lemon juice and powdered sugar (2 tbsp each).

You can prepare an impregnation for the cake by mixing 50 gr in a saucepan. sugar and juice of 1 lemon, let it boil and immediately pour another hot cake.

If you grease the pie with icing or pour in syrup, you need to use 50 g in the dough. less sugar, i.e. 150 gr.

The easiest way is to sprinkle the cake with powder. The choice is yours!

I wish everyone a spring mood, a sea of ​​smiles and pleasant experiences!