Meat okroshka with fresh parsley sorbet

Meat okroshka with fresh parsley sorbet


  1. Tan 500 ml
  2. Horseradish 1 tsp
  3. Mustard 1 tsp
  4. Hard boiled eggs 4 pcs.
  5. Boiled potatoes 300 g
  6. Fresh cucumbers 220 g
  7. Boiled beef 250 g
  8. Radish 90 g
  9. Chives 10 g
  10. Parsley 30 g
  11. Dill 10 g
  12. Sour cream 2 tbsp
  13. Sugar 1 tbsp
  14. Salt 1 tsp
  15. Ground pepper 1/2 tsp
  16. Ice 10 cubes
  • Main ingredients: Beef, Potato, Onion, Cucumber, Radish, Horseradish, Sugar, Mustard, Greens
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Boil hard-boiled eggs, boil potatoes in their skins, cook meat until cooked.
Finely chop the parsley, chives and dill.
Cut cucumbers, potatoes, radishes into strips, about the same size.
Peel the boiled eggs and separate the protein from the yolk. Protein cut into strips.
Crush 4 egg yolks with a fork, add sour cream, mustard, horseradish, dill, salt, sugar to the yolks and mix until smooth.
Add 500 ml of tan to the egg mass and mix well.
Put chopped parsley in a blender, add crushed ice cubes and beat to make a parsley smoothie.
Put potatoes and cucumbers in approximately equal proportions on a serving plate.
Then put the radish and egg white half less than potatoes and cucumbers.
Add meat and put a small ball of parsley smoothie on top.
Pour the prepared tan.