Winter soup recipes

Winter soup recipes

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Warming, satisfying and easy to make, you can’t beat a good soup. Take a look at our favourites below for some fresh soup inspiration

These winter soup recipes make veg the star. Take advantage of what’s in season and go for root veg and hearty leafy greens, then have fun with the seasoning and garnish.


Cuddle up with this hearty and tasty soup recipe courtesy of Gennaro. Chunky veg in a delicious broth packed with pearl barley and the Italian black cabbage better known as Cavolo Nero. Served over toasted garlic bread this one will see you good until spring.

The blitzed beans give this soup a velvety texture and a real creaminess, despite the fact that it’s dairy-free. Topped with crispy parsnips, it’s a delight.

Made with sage and cheddar, this super-easy soup is topped with lid-like croutons, and is an epic bowl of warming joy!


The mixed veg gives this soup a minestrone vibe, but there’s a nice bit of chorizo to add flavour to the base, and hearty barley – instead of pasta – for added bite. Make a big batch and freeze in portions to enjoy another day. You’ll be pleased you did.

Everything you want in a bowl of ramen: it’s sweet, salty, sour, soft, crunchy and fresh, with a little bit of heat. The dark miso paste adds the salty element while the white miso adds sweetness.

This tasty, traditional Scotch broth recipe is brilliant for using up leftover lamb and veggies. It works well with lamb steaks, too. Simply brush the steaks with a little oil, sear in a hot frying pan for 3 to 4 minutes on each side, then slice up and use in your broth.

For even more comforting food in a bowl, take a look at our collection of gorgeous winter soup recipes, here.